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Running in Bliss

Monday night was amazing.  After the Bruins game, I wanted to go for a run at the local community college’s track.  I convinced my Mom and dog (Lucy) to join me on the dusk excursion.

We left and got there quickly.  As soon as Lucy jumped out of the car, a woman came up to us.  “Dogs aren’t allowed here.  I’m pretty sure,” she policed and then walked on.  Talk about someone with no life! We decided to walk Lucy on the grassy inside of the track, mainly to avoid the busybody.  I sprinted back and forth with her, while avoiding the rabbits on the western side of the field.

Lucy decided to continue the night with Mom.  I continued on running.  I bolted here and there, attempted cartwheels (to no avail!), did grapevines, high knees, butt kickers and just plain had fun.

It was near dark at this point with little light from the street lamps and the far west, and no one was around. The freeing feeling of pure joy was intoxicating.  I was truly living in the moment.

Running alone at dusk on damp grass is my bliss.  What’s yours?

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