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Uncoordinated to Hair Cutter

Think of the most tabooed things you can do.  Keep thinking until you come up with an answer…Yes, that’s right, I cut my own hair!  I did something we’ve been told since birth not to do (never mind the other no-no of playing with scissors!).  I cut my own hair, and I am alive and relatively level-headed to tell the tale.

I’ve been wavering on my decision for a week.  I hadn’t had my hair cut since August, which of course, is horrible.  How hard can it be, I thought.  And regardless, I wear my hair up the majority of time in public, so really what’s the point of going to a hair salon?

I first told my mother of the plan.  “Don’t!!!!”  she gasped, “You’ll ruin your hair!!!”

“But Mom, I have a lot of hair.  I’m only gonna cut off the split ends and hey, I wear it up most of the time anyway, how bad can I make it?”

“My advice for you is:  JUST DON’T DO IT!”

Obviously, that conversation made me think twice–about cutting my hair and about telling my mother anything.

I decided to do it.  I talked to my friend, Heather, who had a much better plan of attack for me.

“I’ve cut my hair before.  It’s not too hard–all you need is a sharp pair of scissors.”

“Oh, I have those!”

“Yeah, and Youtube or Google ‘How to cut your own hair.’  They have a lot of different resources”

Youtube was semi-helpful.  I used a technique by this girl.

I got out of the shower and cut my hair while it was still relatively manageable.  That’s the type of thing you have to do when your hair is thick, wavy-curly and frizzy.  I didn’t have a hair clip, so I used hair bands to section off hair.  20 minutes later, I was done.

I cut my bangs a little too short but in a week, they’ll be long enough to tuck behind my ear.  Everything else looks good, and I’m thrilled to have accomplished something not many people have done before!

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