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Adventurer, videographer, writer, blogger, tea enthusiast, Renaissance woman, studette, hiker, runner, reader, vegetarian.

Summer Agenda

I love lists and I love goals, so when I saw Real Simple’s ‘Best Ways to Enjoy Summer’ ideas, I was all over it. They included such things as best ways to fly paper airplanes and how to cut jeans into shorts (already did!).  All very fun ideas, but not at all the type of list I had in mind…

My Inspired Summer Agenda:

  • Boston trip
  • Go to the Fair (San Diego’s is one of the largest in the country!)
  • Get a nice tan…for once 😀
  • Make pickled watermelon rinds
  • Complete
  • Start a fiction story
  • Run 7 miler
  • Take camera (photo) everywhere
  • Sew a dress
  • Take a train mini-trip
  • 10 Global accounts
  • Wake at 6:30am every morning
  • Start learning Italian
  • Write here 3 times a week (M,W,F)
  • Find all 50 state licenses (I couldn’t resist when finding 11 today…)
  • Successfully make dairy-free fried polenta
  • Get Dazzle site to top of sd wedding videography in Google
  • Go to Angels game
  • Read 20 business books
  • 5k race

What’s on your summer agenda?

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Running in Bliss

Monday night was amazing.  After the Bruins game, I wanted to go for a run at the local community college’s track.  I convinced my Mom and dog (Lucy) to join me on the dusk excursion.

We left and got there quickly.  As soon as Lucy jumped out of the car, a woman came up to us.  “Dogs aren’t allowed here.  I’m pretty sure,” she policed and then walked on.  Talk about someone with no life! We decided to walk Lucy on the grassy inside of the track, mainly to avoid the busybody.  I sprinted back and forth with her, while avoiding the rabbits on the western side of the field.

Lucy decided to continue the night with Mom.  I continued on running.  I bolted here and there, attempted cartwheels (to no avail!), did grapevines, high knees, butt kickers and just plain had fun.

It was near dark at this point with little light from the street lamps and the far west, and no one was around. The freeing feeling of pure joy was intoxicating.  I was truly living in the moment.

Running alone at dusk on damp grass is my bliss.  What’s yours?

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About Me

My name is Pia and I’m unique…or at least I’m striving to be by living as me for the first time in my 23 years!

I graduated from Boston University with a degree in marketing, and I have my own wedding videography business, which I started last year.  I love creative, DIY, alternative type weddings and cannot wait until I can start planning weddings as well as doing videography.  I also have become a techie (out of necessity) and can add to my resume the ability to do blogs, websites, photo editing, video editing and more.

I love the idea of doing a blog.  I’ve started many in individual areas like sports, health, and improvement, but I’m just not that type of girl.  I have a love of learning and I have many passions–I live the Renaissance woman life. Though I know personal blogs are the hardest to make interesting to anyone other than your own mother, I know I’m doing this more for me anyway and hopefully I can meet some interesting people over time.

I love to plan and organize, eat vegan foods (mostly!), wear shorts, watch cheesy detective shows of years past, and take photos.  I’m a writer, love exploring, wear Vibram Five Finger shoes, have a Humphrey Bogart fascination and want to run Boston.

Other interests? hiking, tennis, cycling, swimming, reading, swinging on swings, volunteering, subscribing to blogs

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Uncoordinated to Hair Cutter

Think of the most tabooed things you can do.  Keep thinking until you come up with an answer…Yes, that’s right, I cut my own hair!  I did something we’ve been told since birth not to do (never mind the other no-no of playing with scissors!).  I cut my own hair, and I am alive and relatively level-headed to tell the tale.

I’ve been wavering on my decision for a week.  I hadn’t had my hair cut since August, which of course, is horrible.  How hard can it be, I thought.  And regardless, I wear my hair up the majority of time in public, so really what’s the point of going to a hair salon?

I first told my mother of the plan.  “Don’t!!!!”  she gasped, “You’ll ruin your hair!!!”

“But Mom, I have a lot of hair.  I’m only gonna cut off the split ends and hey, I wear it up most of the time anyway, how bad can I make it?”

“My advice for you is:  JUST DON’T DO IT!”

Obviously, that conversation made me think twice–about cutting my hair and about telling my mother anything.

I decided to do it.  I talked to my friend, Heather, who had a much better plan of attack for me.

“I’ve cut my hair before.  It’s not too hard–all you need is a sharp pair of scissors.”

“Oh, I have those!”

“Yeah, and Youtube or Google ‘How to cut your own hair.’  They have a lot of different resources”

Youtube was semi-helpful.  I used a technique by this girl.

I got out of the shower and cut my hair while it was still relatively manageable.  That’s the type of thing you have to do when your hair is thick, wavy-curly and frizzy.  I didn’t have a hair clip, so I used hair bands to section off hair.  20 minutes later, I was done.

I cut my bangs a little too short but in a week, they’ll be long enough to tuck behind my ear.  Everything else looks good, and I’m thrilled to have accomplished something not many people have done before!

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