My name is Pia and I’m unique…or at least I’m striving to be by living as me for the first time in my 23 years!

I graduated from Boston University with a degree in marketing, and I have my own wedding videography business, which I started last year.  I love creative, DIY, alternative type weddings and cannot wait until I can start planning weddings as well as doing videography.  I also have become a techie (out of necessity) and can add to my resume the ability to do blogs, websites, photo editing, video editing and more.

I love the idea of doing a blog.  I’ve started many in individual areas like sports, health, and improvement, but I’m just not that type of girl.  I have a love of learning and I have many passions–I live the Renaissance woman life. Though I know personal blogs are the hardest to make interesting to anyone other than your own mother, I know I’m doing this more for me anyway and hopefully I can meet some interesting people over time.

I love to plan and organize, eat vegan foods (mostly!), wear shorts, watch cheesy detective shows of years past, and take photos.  I’m a writer, love exploring, wear Vibram Five Finger shoes, have a Humphrey Bogart fascination and want to run Boston.

Other interests: hiking, tennis, cycling, swimming, reading, swinging on swings, volunteering, subscribing to blogs

TV shows: Survivor, Amazing Race, Murder She Wrote, Riptide, Love Boat, Keeping Up Appearances, Monk, Human Target, Sex and the City, Passport to Europe,

Movies: Moonstruck, James Bond series, Now Voyager, Sabrina, The Thin Man series, Ugly Truth, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Batman Begins, old Sherlock Holmes shows/movies, Charlie Chan series, Miss Marple series with Margaret Rutherford, and probably many more!

Books: HipTranquilChick, Maximum Achievement, Your Portable Empire, Walk in the Woods, Ultra-Marathon Man, Solo Traveler, Sex and the Single Girl, Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra, Skinny Bitch, The Kind Diet, Nancy Drew series

Please subscribe to my blog and contact me with questions and comments 😀


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